Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I guess he's never heard of blinds...

Erick Wililamson decided to spend a morning in the buff packing and drinking coffee. Trouble is, on this fine October morning, two women saw him through the windows of his home, and didn't think highly of his unusual morning ritual. He was convicted of public indecency, but given a suspended sentence and no fine. Not satisfied, Mr. Williamson is appealing, saying he never intended anyone to see him. His lawyer says that neither of the conditions required for an incident to be considered obscene by Virginia law. Those requirements are "an obsene display or exposure"  and must be in a "public place or place where people are present."

I'm no lawyer, but when people see you from the street it seems to me that you should either be putting on clothes or buying drapes. And you definitely shouldn't be singing loudly or rattling things around. And I almost hope an appeals court gives him some jail time and a fine, because he obviously needs to be educated on how to respond to a lenient court.