Friday, May 14, 2010

Bye-Bye Farmville, hello, StreetFighter? (plus new security)

Facebook is offering new security features to make it harder for cybercrooks to hijack your account. Registered devices, login notifications and other features make your account more secure. That is a good thing, but until Facebook makes it easier to keep your data private it doesn't mean a whole lot. And I use very strong passwords, so the information that gets shared from my account is a much bigger concern than someone hacking into it.

The Zynga/Facebook marriage may soon be over. Apparently Facebooks new policies may actually be costing Zynga users, and Facebook supposedly tried strongarm tactics to force the Farmville creator to remain exclusive to Facebook in their last negotiations. Instead, there is talk of a Zynga live network - and a complete pullout from Facebook.

In a perhaps related story (or perhaps not) Capcom has announced they are preparing their first Facebook game.

“Gaming on social networks is poised to impact the traditional video game industry and is a presence that cannot be ignored,” Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in an interview in Tokyo yesterday. “We have to make our move.”

Facebook as a game platform is growing, with more of the heavy hitters in gaming working Facebook into new releases in one way or another. In addition to Capcom, Electronic Arts and Blizzard have announced upcoming Facebook gaming presence. Facebook is working to become the internet, but they may become the gameworld without even trying.