Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Need secure data storage accessible to your Mac's & PC's?


I was looking at MacMerc today and saw that 1Password, has integrated with Dropbox to provide secure data synchronization between Macs. 1Password is a password manager and more. To quote Rick at MacMerc:

"As you can see, 1Password is a highly secure database for keeping track of web site logins, but it also handles notes, credit cards, bank accounts, and software registration information."

That's pretty good, but using Dropbox sync data between computers is just cool. Dropbox is a secure online backup solution similar to Carbonite, but free for up to two gigs of data. To make things even better, Dropbox is cross-platform with Windows, Mac, and Linux. And 1Password for Windows is now in public beta. 

1Password is a commercial product that runs you $39.95 (Windows beta is free), but that's a one time cost, and Dropbox is free unless you go over 2 gigs data. So in the sub-2gig zone 1Password + Dropbox does more and is a bargain compared to Carbonite with it's annual fee.