Monday, September 13, 2010

Facebook: Improving the stalkers life? reports that Facebook is experimenting with a new feature called "subscribe." This feature will allow you to subscribe to friends feeds and be notified whenever they do anything on Facebook. The interesting question at this point is, who can you subscribe to? How will it work? It could be the ultimate stalking tool, but it could also make Facebook even more interactive and immediate - and more like twitter.

While my mind is still spinning thinking of the implications, Dan Tynan has a slightly irreverent article on PCWorld taking a look at the possibilities, and at the questions we should ask before freaking out. And he's right. Depending on the implementation, subscribing could be a boon to Facebook users (and body blow to twitter). Improperly done it could be a stalkers best friend. Odds are the implementation will be somewhere in-between at first. Unfortunately Facebooks history makes me wonder which direction it will tend in the future.

But until then, if the trial is successful, enjoy Facebook subscriptions, and remember to keep an eye on those privacy settings.