Friday, November 5, 2010

The first free anti-virus for OS X

On November 2nd reported that Sophos is releasing a free antivirus for the Mac. Other security companies are releasing software for the Mac, but Sophos is the only one to release free AV software.

The recent release of Koobface for Mac is only the latest malware designed for Mac. It was dead on arrival, but that was most likely a coding error, so a virulent version could show up any time. Sophos free software is available now and offers protection against Koobface and the other known Mac malware. There is a forum for discussing the software here and you can download it here

There are still people who argue that anti-virus on a Mac is unnecessary. Well, that may be true for now, but that will soon change as Koobface Mac was a hairs breadth from being the real deal. Mac users can't afford to keep being complacent about malware.