Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the beginning

There were only two people, plus God and the angels (good and bad), and privacy wasn’t much of a concern. As time passed that changed. People began to expect to be able to keep some things to themselves, and for most of history were able to with varying degrees of success. More time passed, and technologies (such as the telescope) were invented that allowed others to see things that you might think were known only to you. Still more time passed, and people are now able to expose themselves almost completely to the world at large while maintaining the illusion (some would say delusion) of privacy.

My purpose here is to make you aware of how you are exposing yourself by keeping an eye on things that affect privacy and security, whether it is personal privacy or national security. So at times I will dabble in politics, and possibly even religion, but mostly I will be keeping an eye on technologies effect (real and potential) on privacy and security, and on any legislation, court cases, or government actions that impact privacy and security. I will also be giving advice on limiting your exposure and protecting yourself from the bad guys, and hopefully entertaining you while doing it. That’s all for now.