Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TSA protects itself, not us

According to an article by Laura Curting in the Washington Examiner the TSA has great concern over privacy. To that end it has successfully evaded Freedom of Information Act (FIA) requests for years. Despite abysmal grades in security evaluations (even when tipped off ahead of time) the TSA continues to act as if nothing is wrong.

In it's effort to avoid shining the light of day on it's failures, the TSA ignores FIA requests, retaliates against whistleblowers (which is illegal) and even claimed they couldn't verify the identity of an air marshall.

The TSA is a rogue agency that puts appearance above function and is endangering us by their (in)actions. No security is better than a false sense of security. At least with no security you aren't blindsided when the bomb goes off. Just surprised it's in your neighborhood.