Monday, January 3, 2011

Verizon iPhone pretty definite in 2011; another iPhone alarm fail

iPhone on Verizon soon

If reports on are drawing the correct conclusions Apple should be announcing a Verizon iPhone soon. Apparently there are accessories availble for Verizon iPhones, and Verizon is buying iPhone related domains like "" among others. Apple exclusive contract with AT&T ended in 2010, so there's nothing to keep Apple from making deals with other carriers - and if they want tocontinue to grow and remain a power in the smartphone market, they need other carriers. So there will probably be an announcement in January with phones available March or April. Or they may make a low end iPhone available immediately with higher end phones later. They may make high and low end available immediately, it's just not the way Apple usually does these things.

Another iPhone Alarm fail

It's over now, but for the first two days of January 2011 if you set a one time alarm on your iPhone it wouldn't go off. No word on what caused the problem, only that it would fix itself January 3rd. So if you missed something important because the alarm you set in your iPhone didn't go off, it won't happen again. Really.