Monday, July 25, 2011

Microsoft embraces Kinect owners right to mod

Originally published 2/24/11 on

I've talked about Sony's sudden dislike of console modders and their lawsuit against George Hotz. Microsoft has apparently been watching, and sees an opportunity to steal marketshare from the PS3. Nicole Zivalich of G4TV reports that the Redmond giant is releasing a developers kit to make it easier for the fledgling Kinect modding movement to create PC software for the Xbox Kinect. With Sony pushing firmware "upgrades" that remove PS3 owners ability to create software for the PS3 and suing people who try to restore it, Microsofts apparent embracing of end users making their own software for the Kinect is almost certainly an olive branch designed to attract frustrated PS3 modders to the Xbox community.

Sony is using the DMCA to sue people who try to fully utilize hardware they have purchased (not leased or licensed) - an activity they only recently disabled by a firmware update pushed without owners knowledge or consent. Microsoft is embracing the hardware owners right to make full use of the hardware they purchased. I know where my families money is going for our next console purchase.