Monday, July 25, 2011

TSA proves full body scanners unreliable

Originally published 2/25/11 on

Kyle VanHemert at Gizmodo reports that in what apparently was the TSA testing it's own procedures an undercover agent passed through the vaunted full body scanners with a gun multiple times- without triggering alarms or being stopped.

The full body scanners have been touted as absolutely necessary for the security of our airports and planes. Privacy advocates have been against these scanners from the moment plans to use them were announced. I've blogged about them in the past, including a past mistake the TSA claimed would never happen. These scanners are not the great shield the TSA claims they are. Instead, they are the emperors new clothes. The TSA has just proved it.

If the report is correct. The TSA isn't admitting anything, and no one has been disciplined. That doesn't really tell us anything. If it's true they can't admit it - that would reveal a serious breach in our security. If it's a lie, denying it will only reinforce the idea that they're hiding the truth. I wouldn't want to be John Pistole right now. But I'd hate worse to be him when a terrorist gets through the massive security hole that he is pretending he is a shield.