Friday, March 5, 2010

Facebook, Twitter used to scam brides-to-be, vendors

This is an interesting tale. Setup a Facebook page, garner followers (real or not), get a Twitter account, and rake in the dough. These internet entrepreneurs created a facebook account and tweeted about a nonexistent bridal show, and sold upwards of 5000 tickets, plus getting booth fees from hopeful vendors and a free radiospot in exchange for a reduced booth rental. Not a bad scam. I first read of the scam on Ars Technica in an article by Jacqui Cheng.

It seems that almost $150,000 was scammed from attendees and vendors with this scam. The Facebook page is down, and the twitter account probably is, too. The bad thing is, short of calling the convention center to see if the event is really scheduled, I don't know how you could see through this scam. Maybe the fact that payment was taken through paypal? That's not really an indicator. I'm sure we'll see more about this, and more examples of similar scams in the future.