Friday, October 8, 2010

Facebook will take your phone number - and your friends

Do you upload your contacts from your cell phone to Facebook? Charles Arthur of the technology blog posts that you may be giving away more than you realize.

When you upload your contacts to Facebook from your iPhone (and probably your Android phone, too) all of them are uploaded, and Facebook uses the info to try to find friends to connect you with. But the big problem here is that it uploads all of your contacts. Is everyone whose number is in your cell phone ok with you putting their phone number online? On Facebook? And compared to everyone of Facebook to connect you with people?

It's really your business if you put your phone number or anything on Facebook. But a lot of people don't hand their phone number to just anyone. The Facebook iPhone app ignores that fact and takes your entire contact list from your phone for Facebook's use. It ignores the fact that some of your contacts might not want to have their phone number on Facebook, or that you might not want all of your contacts there. Again, Facebook assumes it knows better than you do what you should do with your information. That is rude and presumptious.