Friday, October 29, 2010

Midland, Arkansas school board member resigns over Facebook comments

It started Tuesday...well, it actually started Sunday or Monday, but it became a national spectacle Tuesday when "The Advocate" reported that a school board member in Arkansas was saying he wanted gays dead on his Facebook page.

Clint McCance was definitely old enough to know better. He made what he probably thought were cute, funny comments (they weren't) that his friends would laugh at. But the report in "The Advocate" had a screenshot of McCance's Facebook wall, and he was officially outed as a gay hating bigot. He probably isn't, he's probably just an unlucky, careless schmuck.

With thousands of hate mails, emails, and more than a few death threats bombarding him Mr. McCance sent his family away for their safety and resigned his school board seat. He is forever branded in the blogosphere as an Evil Man.

I don't care how secure your Facebook is, if you have friended people, it's insecure. Once something is online it's fair game for everyone. Don't put anything online you wouldn't want all of your friends and family to see.