Thursday, October 21, 2010

Med students don't understand confidentiality

George Hulme of InformationWeek blogged about medical students tweeting about patients He referenced a Time article that shed more even more light on the subject.

The brunt of both articles is that medical students think what they put on their personal accounts is private. For some reason they think that walking out of the hospital and sitting at their own computer puts them outside the constraints of HIPAA. I'm here to tell them, "You are always under the constraints of HIPAA." This is even worse than the Oxford students a couple of years ago who thought they're privacy was violated when the school provost saw pictures of them acting like fools on Facebook. If you put it online, it's not private. If it's somebody else's private (especially medical) information, you're risking fines, convictions, and job or career loss.

Be careful what you put online. It will bite you in the butt.