Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bullies video beating, post on Facebook

Another case of Facebook being used by bullies is being investigated, this time in Schenectady, NY. But instead of using the site to bully other students, the bullies made a video of the beating they gave another student and posted it on Facebook.

Other students visiting the Facebook page said they would like to see the girl in the video beat up at school. The police are investigating, and given the schools history, I don't think they'll go lightly on the bullies. In the 2008-09 school year four girls committed suicide, and two of them were probably being bullied when they did it.

This case is different than the usual Facebook bullying you hear about. The girl wasn't abused by messaging and wall posts, she was beat up, video'd, and more students said they would like to see her hurt at school. While it's easy to create an anonymous Facebook page, most camera's today put identifying information on the video, so the students who beat her may get a surprise visit from the police, even if none of the students who visited the page used their real names on their accounts. And I'm glad. This is one time that I wouldn't mind if Facebook was even more dismissive of users privacy than it already is.