Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was going to be the perfect geek gift for your girl

I saw this the other day on a Bit Rebels blog. It was a post by Richard Darell titled, Gear for girls - Only the coolest thing you can give your girl. It really is the coolest thing you can give your girl. Check out the pics. Any girl, geek-girl or nongeek-girl would totally appreciate this - if it were beyond the design stage.

It's a really nice little MP3 player disguised as an earring designed by Lu Won-jun. Or it would be, if it had made it into production. I saw the link in a tweet and assumed it was current. It was actually from this past April, and talked about a fresh, new, and still unproduced MP3 player design. An earring MP3 player. So cool, so unnoticeable. Even the latest iPod can't match it for cool factor.

But it hasn't made it into production. Possibly because some of the comments regarding technical difficulties were dead on. Or maybe not. But it sure would have been cool if it was for sale.