Saturday, March 17, 2012

Facebook Friday: Woman brags about barfight; Burglar posts picture on victims page

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Not so free brawling

Ruth Ramirez smashed a glass into the face of another woman at a Chicago area bar, then decided to brag about it on Facebook. The woman's face needed 32 stitches and she filed a police report. Now Ruth is sitting in jail waiting for someone to raise money for her 100,000 bond while her child wonders where mommy is.

Just turn yourself in

I thought I blogged about this back in December, but I can't find it. It bears repeating, anyway. Rodney Knight, Jr. broke into the home of Washington Post writer Marc Fisher last December and stole money, a coat and 2 laptop computers. One of the computers belonged to Marc's son, and Mr. Knight snapped a picture of himself wearing the coat and holding the cash with the webcam on the laptop. Then he posted the picture on the sons Facebook page. Well, his trial is over and he's been sentenced to 44 months in prison. Hard to convince a jury you didn't do it when you hand the police a picture of you with the stolen goods.