Friday, March 16, 2012

Reppler analyzes your Facebook risks

Originally posted 4/6/2011 at

Reppler is a free service that will analyze and monitor your Facebook account and see if you have left any holes in the privacy settings and tell you what kind of tone your wall posts have. I'm not sure how accurate a lot of the information is, but having your privacy settings checked by a third party doesn't hurt. Having someone monitoring to tell you if you do something that could be career threatening isn't bad, either. But remember, even if Reppler says your information is safe, all it's really telling you that all of the settings are set to the level of privacy allowed by Facebook. Even at it's most private, Facebook is pretty wide open.

Using Reppler is easy. You just go to the site, give it your Facebook login and permission to check everything - yes, it wants everything, but no more than you've already given Facebook and most of the apps you use.