Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Facebook Friday? Anthony Wilson and Ellen Ewin, for starters

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I'm going to start using Fridays to post stupid things people do online. In honor of the most concentrated mass of unbridled stupidity online I'm calling it "Facebook Friday."

Today we have two stories to make us feel superior to the great unwashed masses:

Professor tells students, "F*** Off, Republicans"

Craig Robinson of the Iowa Republican reports that Professor of Anthropology Ellen Ewin at the University of Iowa has learned that telling students with opposing views to "F*** Off" Republicans!" is not a good idea. Especially when using your university email account to respond to a university vetted and approved mass emailing. Granted it was a little off color, but seems to be an attempt to make light of being a (persecuted?) minority. Professor Ewin's response makes it seem that feeling a need to hide conservative leanings might not be entirely unjustified at the University of Iowa.

He knew he forgot to do something...

Bill Gallagher of WJBK Detroit reports that after getting a tip that the man they were looking for in a series of robberies was named Anthony Wilson they looked at his Facebook page. The page had a picture with him wearing the same clothes he wore to rob a bank. He's been arrested and is awaiting trial.

I don't want to spend all my time harping on the risks of self-inflicted injury online, but, like watching one of those 'dumbest' shows, I can't seem to stay entirely away, so every week I'll watch for interesting and amusing examples of self-destructive behavior online and post a few on Friday. Let me know what you think.