Monday, February 1, 2010

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

KABC-TV in Los Angeles ran a story Friday about an actress who was fighting city hall over the height of her privacy gate. Three years ago a stalker started sending letters to actress Eva La Rue that were frighteningly detailed. She responded by having her gate and columns made taller, among other things.  She started the work without permits, but later got a variance and went on with her life.

Then a neighbor complained, and the variance was overturned. Le Rue appealed, and her private address became part of public court records. She received a letter from the old stalker saying, "I know where you live now."

The neighbors complain that the height is not allowed by city ordinance (La Rue was given a variance) and they like the opennes of their neighberhood.

La Rue has had to move out of her house because of the stalker.

Is it right that these people endanger the life of anyone, because they want to be able to see into her yard? NO!!!

It's too late now. The cats out and Miss La Rue is out a house. The nosy neighbors should have to buy her house at fair market, splitting the cost between them.

Maybe they could rent it to the stalker.