Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Changing Facebook

Facebook has decided to rearrange the home page, and I'm seeing a lot of complaints. Some are funny, some are whiny. My favorite is "Let's tell yo-mamma jokes about the new Facebook layout."

Myself, I don't have a problem with it. I like having a logout button rather than going to a menu, but other than that, it's ok. What is more interesting to me are the requirements Facebook is enforcing on third party advertisers. The policies have been in place for months, but Facebook recently spelled them out again, and is now requiring advertisers to agree to them. In his February 3rd Inside Facebook column, Eric Eldon gives a synopsis of the new requirements. But put simply, the reuirements boil down to, the ad providers will strictly adhere to Facebook guidelines regarding gathering, holding, and disseminating Facebook user information. They will also provide information to Facebook on their employees and just about any other information Facebook asks for. There are several other requirements that show Facebook is making a serious effort to protect users data.

Now if they would just give us more ability to protect it ourselves.