Saturday, February 6, 2010

Facebook page = expel

Frustration can be very motivating. From the Miami Herald we learn that motivation without careful direction can be dangerous.

Alex Fuentes was frustrated because he was going to graduate with honors from a low ranked school in Florida, so he made a Facebook page. When the school found out about it, he was booted from the National Honor Society. Alex had taken a pledge to show loyalty to his school, and they felt naming a Facebook page, "Wesley Chapel High = Fail" did not qualify as a display of loyalty. Especially when it becomes an online hangout where students criticize the school.

I think the teachers on the NHS board over reacted. Giving other students a place to voice their frustration with their school could be a good thing, and I would have encouraged Alex to use that argument with them. But he apparently found moving to another school a better option, even though he was a senior with only a few months before graduation. So he gets to be another example of why you should be very careful of what you do online, especially on Facebook.

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