Thursday, April 29, 2010

A blip from Blippy

A few months ago a new social networking service started up, one with a model I thought would never take off. Blippy posts your credit card purchases online in short, twitterlike 'blips'. The information posted includes what was purchased, where, and for how much. It's not supposed to include your credit card number. But according to's Liz Gannes, for 196 transactions last week that's exactly what happened. According to Philip Kaplan, cofounder of Blippy, the transactions were from early in the services beta period, but was still being cached by Google. The problem has since been fixed - the search that had revealed credit card numbers doesn't now.

But this just brings us to the burning question in my mind. Why would you want this information to be published online, even without the credit card number? I do see a bright spot, however. Whenever I tried to use Blippy NONE of my accounts showed up to be shared. I guess they know how I really feel about their service.

Update: Blippy has since apologized, contacted affected users and promised to help them with any issues that might come up from the exposed data. They have also commited to hiring a Chief Security Officer (they didn't have one?!!!).