Friday, April 9, 2010

The Tao of Facebook: Fools and Wisemen

United Press International reports that a Muslim teacher in North Carolina has been moved from the classroom to an office job. Not because of anything she did in the classroom, but because of her (and her friends) Facebook postings. Before moving to an office position she was suspended with pay for several weeks.

Melissa Hussein was at least mildly provoked. I have to wonder what else was going on in the classroom, school, and community. The incident that sparked the incident was students leaving a Bible on her desk. She called it a "hate crime" on Facebook, and her friends responded in kind, even going so far as suggesting she paint a swastika on a Dale Earnhardts poster and showing it to the students. She liked the idea, but said that would leave her without a job.

Don't worry Melissa, you almost took care of that yourself with Facebook.

Jo Ann Hustis of the Morris Daily Herald reports that Facebook was instrumental in identifying the suspect in a bank robbery that occurred Tuesday in Morris, Ill. The police put the pictures captured in the bank robbery on Facebook for their 500 fans to pick up, and within a few hours they had put it on their pages for their friends to see, and the thief was identified.

That's the way to use FaceBook.