Monday, April 26, 2010

Wylie's Angel identified

It's a sad tale reported by By Valerie Wigglesworth and Tanya Eiserer of The Dallas Morning News. No one know how Gerren Isgrigg's body wound up next to a parking lot by Lake Lavon Northwest of Dallas, but his maternal grandmother is in jail for murder after an anonymous tip helped police identify the child.

Apparently the father was making child support payments, but they were going to the mother, not to her parents. She lived in Oklahoma while Gerren lived in Texas with his grandparents.

It's very easy to pass judgement from a distance, even when you know very little of the circumstances in a situation. So I won't. From here I could point fingers at everyone involved, but the truth is that I know nothing about what went on. So all I'm going to do is pray for the parents and grandparents to be honest with themselves about everything and become better people because of what's happened. I suppose that is passing judgement as well, but we all could become better people, and that's the best I can do.