Friday, January 29, 2010

Bev Stayart = Levitra?

Have you ever heard of Bev Stayart? To be honest, I hadn't, either. But looking at privacy news this evening I saw her name in a headline, "Bev Stayart Sues Yahoo Again For Violating Her Privacy Rights" and had to check it out. The story was on Techdirt, and tells the sad tale of Ms. Stayart, who sued Yahoo because she did a search for her name and didn't like what came up. That case was understandably thrown out of court, er, I mean dismissed. So here we are a year later, and Yahoo finds itself the target of Bev's lawyers once again.


It seems that now if you go to Yahoo and type in "bev stayart" the search "bev stayart lavitra" is suggested. If you choose to leave off "levitra" then on the results page it asks if you want to search for "Bev Stayart Levitra."

I'll refrain from making any of the bad jokes I'm thinking of at the moment.

Well, if you actually perform the search for "bev stayart levitra" you find that the association is made because most of top results are from her year old lawsuit with Yahoo. Well, they were, now they are from all the stories and blogs about this lawsuit AND her year old lawsuit.

Congratulations, Ms. Stayart, you are well on your way to permanently tying your name to both Yahoo and Levitra.

[edited title to be more informative by Bert]