Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Facebook woes...

I've been saying Facebook is dangerous for years - to be fair, I'm not the only one - but it's amusing to see three stories about three different risks of using Facebook in one day. Well, they weren't all written the same day, but I saw them all on the same day.

PC World tells us: Job Seekers, Watch Your Walls -- Employers Check Facebook Among the other stats provided in the article: 53% of employers check social networking sites like Facebook when vetting potential employees and more plan to start. A lot of employers have let people go because of what's on their Facebook page, too.

From IndyPosted: AT&T Error Allowed Unauthorized Facebook Access. Apparently there is a problem with how cell phones connect to the internet - there is no indication of whether it's only on AT&T's network. The problem caused a family to be sent someone elses Facebook login info. [Update: According to CNET's Insecurity Complex column AT&T has fixed the problem.]

The Security Watch blog at PCMag.com asks the question, Is Facebook privacy a sham? And with good reason. Facebook supplies a public link for you to give to people who are not members. It allows people who are not members of Facebook to look at pictures that you have labeled "Me Only". Does no one at Facebook see the problem in this?

I don't hate Facebook. Social networks can be a great tool. I even have an account. But I am concerned that even the people who try to keep most of their info on Facebook private are doomed to expose far more than they intend because Facebook doesn't really allow users to keep anything private.