Friday, January 1, 2010

"The Cloud" is easy to fall through

In the NY Times "Bits" blog, Nick Bilton asks if your data is safe in the cloud. And with good reason. He's just read an article by David Talbot that examines what types of problems exist in cloud security. He finds two researchers whose work shows that it isn't all that difficult to gather data from the cloud. The article goes on to ask a lot more questions, but the gist is that data in the cloud can be very easy to access. The risks are high, and that data will be compromised is almost certain. Before we leap willy-nilly into this thing called cloud computing, it would be a good idea to understand it a lot better, and work on it's drawbacks. But it doesn't look like that's on anyone's agenda, and some things are going to have to go radically wrong before it gets put there.

Tomorrow I'll be looking at what exactly cloud computing and how it works - and how that effects your data in the cloud.