Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lot-o-links: Articles on Facebook, Google, Supreme Court and more

From Businessweek:  New EU Privacy Laws Could Hit Facebook - Mark Zuckerbergs mouth paints a target on Facebook Google Social Search Hits Privacy Snag on Facebook - Maybe Facebooks privacy settings are better than we thought. Google Scores Partial Victory In Street View Lawsuit - Google streetview photographing view of house ok. Entering private drive to do it, not so much.

U.S. News: Should Supreme Court Uphold the Quon Case on Worker Privacy? Should workers expect email and other electronic communication on company equipment be private? Take the poll. EFF:Browsers Can Leave a Unique Trail on the Web - Find out how much information your browser gives without even being asked. With suggestions on how to obscure your trail. How Can Policymakers Promote Innovation and Strengthen Privacy? - Policy always lags behind technology, trick is protecting privacy without stifling innovation.

Hope you find the reading interesting.