Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Facebook Friday: Plan a party, good. Plan a murder, Bad

Originally posted 06/17/2011 on lubbockonline.com

Chad Pradelli of ABC6 News of Philladelphia reports that London Eley posted, "I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father," on her Facebook Wall.

That's poor judgement, but perhaps more surprising is that Timothy Bynum offered to do it. Their plan fell apart when Miss Eley's "baby father" logged into Facebook, saw the exchange and contacted police.

Police looked at the respective Facebook pages and rushed to arrest the conspirators. At the home of Mr. Bynum they found him with a 22 calibur pistol - with the serial number removed. Even if a lawyer could get him off of the conspiracy charges he's looking at hard time for the 'anonymized' pistol.

There are a lot of things Facebook is good for. Planning murder isn't one of them.

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