Wednesday, August 8, 2012

LulzSec ends hacking business

Originally posted 006/27/2011 on

LulzSec Security is closing it's doors. As reported on Mashable and a host of other places they are claiming that the intent from the start was to disrupt the security industry for 50 days in an attempt to restart the 'anti-security' movement. They believe they have fulfilled that goal. They might have, but I doubt it. Not for very long, anyway. 

I also have my doubts that they are disbanding because the time they decided on for their fun was past. I think it has more to do with the arrest of a British youth and their own carelessness. For a group of law breakers involved in activities traditionally performed in secret (for good reason) they didn't take many pains to cover their tracks. Unlike most black hat hackers who work in secrecy and often don't admit when they've performed a hack, LulzSec loudly proclaimed their accomplishments. They setup a Twitter account and a Facebook page. It wasn't their illegal activities that did them, or some timeline, it was their own pride and belief they couldn't be caught.