Saturday, August 18, 2012

Google+ has a small hiccup

Originally posted 07/11/2011 on

Ricky at reports that Google+ ran out of disk space on a notifications server this weekend. It was a small glitch in a service that's still in limited field test, so it's not a big deal. But it should be a wake up call for Google, who admit that they should have foreseen the rapid expansion in notifications. 

This might have been a nightmare for Google, if Google+ were a widely available public product. The lack of server space caused notifications to be sent repeatedly for about 80 minutes, which was inconvenient for some people. But Google+ isn't finished and isn't in wide use yet. All problems with the service have been fixed rapidly and without attempt to gloss over them, so Google is actually looking good, and the reviews for Google+ keep getting better. This 'field test' is giving Google invaluable data on usage which will help prevent large scale versions of the glitch this past weekend.