Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Felon updates Facebook while police trash room next door

Originally posted 006/24/2011 on

He fought the law

Jason Valdez was in a standoff with police. It was so intense he took time to update his Facebook page. I saw the story when it first came out and pondered how his status updates didn't seem to bear up the claims that he was holding a hostage. Police claim the woman with him initially was with him willingly, but once she expressed a desire to leave, she became a hostage. Reports like this one from TechDirt also indicated that some of his Facebook friends could be facing obstruction of justice charges for telling him what police were doing.

A report on Fox13 in Utah covers the aftermath of the standoff. Mr. Valdez is looking at 20 years for attempted murder (he shot at two police officers), and the police department has egg on it's face for the shape it left two hotel rooms adjacent to Mr. Valdez after the standoff:

SWAT's rescue team was in the neighboring motel rooms where gas, power and water had been cut off. After police safely rescued Jensen, there was considerable damage to the motel rooms, holes in the walls, bottles filled with urine. The residents returned home to a mess that was never cleaned up.

I'm not sure who's the actual bad guy in this story, the felon or the cops.