Saturday, August 18, 2012

Online safety just takes a little common sense

Originally posted 08/02/2011 on

Google has backed off the 'real name' on Google+ policy. That's good, but it takes both more and less than pseudonyms to be safe online. The internet is a wild and wooly place. If you're not careful you can reveal a lot more of yourself than you intend.

So what kinds of things do you need to do to protect yourself? It's not very hard. There are three simple things you can do that will help you stay safe:

    • You can't take it back. Once you put something online it's out there. You can delete every copy you can find, but you'll never know who read it or how many copies were made of it.
    • The internet is not the place to put your darkest secrets. If there is ANYONE you would not want to see what you are about to post, don't post it.
    • Be careful what you put online. Without even trying we are far more exposed after a few days (maybe even hours) of online activity. When you tell about your pets, your childhood, you hobbies, you are giving people information that can be used to attack you.

It's very easy to give up too much information online, but you can protect yourself without having to sever all ties to the online world. Just use a little common sense makes your online experience more fun and a lot safer.