Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will Google+ games threaten Facebook?

Originally posted 07/22/2011 on

According to Tricia Duryee at the All Things Digital blog, Google is about to hit Facebook in the pocketbook. Google is launching a social gaming network that may cost developers less than the traditional 30% it costs them to play in the Facebook and Apple App store universes.

Facebook probably isnt' quaking in their boots about the prospect of a Google+ gaming network just yet, but they have to be eying the possibility with some concern. Google+ has over 18 million users now, and that number is growing at an amazing rate. But that fast early growth could be misleading. The vast majority of Google+ adopters are male, and it seems a large percentage are in technology industries. The real test of Google+ will come when it starts gathering a more diverse group of users. Google+ is a strong offering in the social networking arena, but it's coming relatively late into the game. Will it be able to appeal to a wider audience, one that is used to just putting everything in the open on Facebook? Will most people be willing to make the effort to move to a new social network and sort their friends into circles? Will they opt to use similar, but mostly ignored, functions in Facebook instead of joining Google+. Or just opt to keep using Facebook as they always have and pass on google+?