Saturday, August 18, 2012

Facebook overexposes videos

Originally posted 07/05/2011 on

Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch reports that Facebook suffered a privacy glitch in it's Videos feature for about a week, but it's fixed now. He explains:

Unfortunately, those controls haven’t been working as they should: for the last week it’s been possible to see a full listing of your friends’ Facebook videos, including the name, thumbnail, description, and people tagged in each clip — regardless of whether or not you were supposed to have access to the videos.

You couldn't actually see the videos, only the title and description and a thumbnail, but that could be enough to cause some embarrassment. It's important to understand that in the complicated, connected world we live in glitches and breaches will happen. But Facebook has a more than it's share of snafu's, and it's hard to believe they couldn't have fixed this issue in less than a week. Facebook is king of the hill in social networking, but if they don't watch it they could find themselves being replaced. It's happened before. At one time IBM was king of the technology world. They are still big, but they were supplanted by Microsoft. Microsoft may be in the process of being supplanted by newer companies that understand the connected world better. Facebook could find themselves in the same situation, but in the lightning fast world of the internet, Facebooks dominance could be measured in years instead of decades.